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Unblock Netflix

I’ve just installed the box and now we have no Netflix that runs through the Xbox. How can we get back Netflix. I can’t work out where to find this inbox ck feature / only how to block unblock apps for individual profiles

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Hi Michelle,

We block via age profiles, so you do need to unblock Netflix in the age profile that the Xbox is connected to. I've had a quick look at your account and it seems like the Xbox isn't going through the Home Zone Box. I would like to help you through this. Could you please schedule a call back via this page, for whenever you are free.



Hi There.. Same issue. We are getting a Netflix VPN Unblocked error.


You seem to be using an unblocked or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again

Even though Netflix is allow in the policy, due to Netflix and Australia, it's detecting it as a VPN and thus blocking it. Help please

Hi Jerome,

We currently having some issues with our VPN servers are causing this issue, we are working to rectify this asap. 


Katie B

Hi, I would like to unblock espn footy tipping as we all participate as a family in a footy tipping comp.

Thanks Sarah

Hi Sarah,

The ESPN Footy Tips app should come under the Sports category (Settings > Age profile controls > Web categories). If this does not work, it could potentially come under Gambling as well due to the the tipping nature of the app, possibly because tipping apps will occasionally show things like the betting odds.

A good thing to try will be unblocking the website directly ( by going to Age profile controls > Websites and adding the website.


David B

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