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It doesn't work on iphone

I have tested it, iphone/ipad easily bypass your vpn by just going to Settings-General-VPN-untick Connect On Demand , and untick your vpn And then they will be using mobile own's internet plan and will not monitored by Family Zone restrictions at all They don't even have to delete Family Zone app to do this and the parents won't even know! While I was at first very impressed and thought I found great solutions for my kids' device but if you can just fix this part I will come back as your loyal customer!

Hi Li.

I have tried to contact you on your original ticket regarding this issue, as I do not believe that the app was installed correctly. The VPN should turn on automatically after being disabled.



The solution used to happen, but I seem to have the same problem now.

Hi Suzel,

If the VPN 'connect on Demand' is turned off it should be turning back on automatically by itself if this is not occurring I would recommend giving us a call on 1300 398 326 when you have access to the device to do some troubleshooting.



I have the same problem. The kids can easily bypass FZ by turning the VPN off. And the "connect on Demand" rarely reconnects if the kids also disable this. I would love to see FZ introduce a feature where the VPN cannot be turned off as this appears to be a fundamental flaw with the FZ app.

Hi Dale,

This is currently a feature of Mobile Zone already. I believe we have a ticket with our support team about your issue who will continue to work with you there.


Katie B

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