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Blocking vpn access

How can i block vpn access as my 16 yr old son easily bypasses familyzone box through a vpn....i get no notification of this either. In particular he has been using one called psiphen? How is this possible to control? Please help! Im at my wits end !

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Hi Mel

We try to categorise and flag VPNs as quickly as possible, but with so many coming out, we cant get them all immediately. I have added Psiphen to the list and you will get notifications about it once it is processed. Unfortunately, the only way to make it so that no VPNs can be installed is to turn off the ability to install any apps. 


Hugh W

This is on the laptop at home i might add, still getting no notification that vpn is being used. wondering why i spent $90 if my son can just bypass it every day......

Hi Mel

Thank you for your patience. Psiphon should be controlled now. Please let us know if we have missed any others, and we will do our best to filter them as quickly as possible. 



Umm mate there is no need to be rude 

Hi Mel,

I apologise for the last post, we have been having some issues with a fake account commenting on our Forums today, we will endeavor to remove these as soon as they are posted.



My child can easily disconnect the VPN on his iphone and starts playing with stuff. how do we prevent them from disconnecting the VPN from their devices


I have a couple of apps flagged with red dot
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