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mobile zone app

Does anybody know if when a device with mobile zone app is being used outside of the home, is it using our home wifi data? As all data goes through a controlled vpn? A tech savy person has told me it is so and I am on satellite at home with limited data, so if it is using my home data limit I'd like to know!

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Hi Mel

Thanks for your query, Im really just confirming that Dean has the correct answer and that mobile data is not counted towards your home data limits unless you have chosen to use a service like Telstra Air. 



Only devices connected to your Local Area Network (LAN) using your wifi access point or directly plugged into your modem/router will incur data usage charges. Your devices with the MobileZone app install setup VPNs back to the FamilyZone services, not back to your home LAN.
Thanks for the clarification
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