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Net Nanny versus The Family Zone

Hi, i am investigating all options and would like feedback if possible, to clear my confusion. I have used Net Nanny for a few years but looking at this option as it seems to be more user friendly. Can you help?

1) In Net Nanny you can buy one package covering all wifi and 4g mobile devices (mobiles and computers) for $69 per annum and that is for 5 licences (5 devices). It pretty much does the same thing. 

Is there an all inclusive package, as an example - for say 2 laptops and 2 mobiles when off premise (mobile data or other wifi) and then covers home wifi as well? 

All i can see is one for home wifi and one for when they are out and about and the cost is much more than Net Nanny.

Any advice is welcome please.

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Hi Katherine

We have two options that are appropriate for different scenarios. The first is our Safe on the Go plan, which gives you entitlements (licences) to protect 7 different mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones. This costs $5.95 per month. The other is our Safe Family Bundle, which comes with the Home Zone wifi box. This box will protect an unlimited amount of devices that connect it the wifi network and also comes with entitlements to protect 6 devices while they are out of the wifi network. This costs $89 upfront and comes with 3 months access, and then $5.95 per month after that.

I hope this has helped and please let me know if you have any more questions


Hugh W

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