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Do social network controls work for the web access as well as app access?

I'd like to know whether the social media settings that I allow for my child work equally whether they launch the associated App or log in via the associated web address. For example if I block Instagram during school hours does that also block access to

Hi Sonja,

Yes, Family zone blocks by domain so when you block say Instagram all domains associated with Instagram will be blocked, so it does not matter if they have gone through web browser or app Instagram will be constantly blocked 


Family Zone Team

Does the control block the up address as well as the URL? Thanks
*ip address

Hi Ashlene,

Unfortunately, it won't block the IP address, but in most cases just blocking the domains that it is using is adequate.

Warm regards,


How can I see what the kids are looking at on Insta and Snapchat?  And how can these apps be filtered? 

thanks - Lisa

Hi Lisa,

At the moment we can't currently look at what kids are looking at once they are allowed access to the websites. This is because the information is encrypted until it gets behind the domain's firewall and they don't allow us access. We can only block or allow the access to those websites or apps at certain times or due to its content.


Katie B

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