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Limiting time

I understand that we can allocate times of day when access can granted, however is there any way of limiting the time that they can spend during each of these periods.

i.e. Can I set the 'game access' on weekends to all day but is there any way limit my kids to 3 hrs per day within that period... or do I have to specify which three hours they can have access.

It would be great to be able to 'right click' and add a limit/timer within these blocks of time- then have it revert/default back to study mode once they've used up all their 'game' time. I would love to give my child the responsibility to track/ monitor/ budget for their own usage.

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Hi Sean,

While we don't currently have the ability to do accumulative time spaced out over the day, there is an ability to give access for short bursts of time which might work for you. In the parent app Zone Manager, you can do a Quick Time Change for a set amount of time (such as QTC into Games mode for 30 minutes) and once that time is up, the profile will revert to its original routine for that time. You can do this by clicking on the routine icon below that child's name on the main screen and selecting a time allowance on the popup.


Katie B

How does family zone work with the new screen time feature in iOS 12? I like family zones schedule setting can I use it in conjunction with the screen time restrictions to limit time each day??

Hi Nicola,

Yes, you can use the screen time features alongside Family Zone. Please let us know if you need any help fine tuning it.


Katie B

HI any updates on total screen time as mentioned above - I see alot of these comments are from 1yr ago?

Thanks Kathy

Hi Kathy, 

Unfortunately we still do not have have the ability to do accumulative time spaced out over the day, if you are using iOS devices, I would recommend the Screentime feature in conjunction with Family Zone to limit individual app use.


Zac J

Exactly we need basic limits on screen time usage!

Hi Dinar,

Thanks for the feedback.

We are always looking to improve our offering. 

This is really so disappointing.  You have been promising this feature for more than 2 years and still not delivering.  I tried a work around on my son's android device today by using the screen time limit feature through Google Family link.  And guess what?  Family Zone blocks access to the Google Family link setup!

Can you please let us know if the feature is about to be rolled out or not?  This just does not work at all without it.

So; TWO YEARS have now passed since I asked this question and I note this thread is now the top comment in the featured requests... any news on the progress on one of your "top priorities"?

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Hi Julien,

We can understand your frustration on this. We are still working on it, however recent changes Apple have made to their control allowances make this much harder to create in a way we would be happy to give to our customers.


Katie B

I see that this question was responded to over a year ago and at that time a “timing out” solution was being progressed by family zone. Is this now available?

Hi Angela,

Unfortunately this feature is still not available but we are still looking into ways to add this feature at a standard we would be happy todeliver to our customers.


Katie B

Just spent an hour migrating to Family Zone from Qustodio, only to find that there's no such thing as a daily time allowance. Qustodio manages to do this just fine. Your solution of using Screentime + Family zone somewhat defeats the purpose of a single app to control access. A daily time allowance is an essential feature.

Is the intention to get this fixed getting proper resources, or will we be waiting forever?

Off to head back to Qustodio for now....

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