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Limiting time

I understand that we can allocate times of day when access can granted, however is there any way of limiting the time that they can spend during each of these periods.

i.e. Can I set the 'game access' on weekends to all day but is there any way limit my kids to 3 hrs per day within that period... or do I have to specify which three hours they can have access.

It would be great to be able to 'right click' and add a limit/timer within these blocks of time- then have it revert/default back to study mode once they've used up all their 'game' time. I would love to give my child the responsibility to track/ monitor/ budget for their own usage.

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Same here, this should be one of the priority feature of a program like this. Am a bit disappointed.

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Firstly I would like to apologise in the lack of reply over the last few time a post was made. Secondly, I would like to give a definitive answer on this subject and let you know that we do not intend to add this feature to our software as it has been tested in the past and it was found to easily circumvented to be realistically applicable. An instance of this is turning back the clock on the device to allow themselves more time to be on the internet and many companies such Apple & Samsung will not give us the level of control over their devices we need in order to mitigate such actions. Until the companies that build the phones and program the software will give us more direct access to their devices, features like this simply aren't possible at the moment.

Kind regards,

Zac Jones

Family Zone

I've got a bit of a workaround for this. It'll kick them off after a set time period but you will have to start it instead of them working up to an accumulated time during the day. 

Set the whole day to 'sleep' and then in the app, change to 'game' for a set period of 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour or 2 hours. I just trialled it with my 14 yo and he lost connection after the time was up.

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This is a key feature we need in our family.  We run a mixture of iOS and Android devices and whilst we can hodge podge together a (not very good) solution with a combination of iOS Screen Time and Google Family Link, we were looking for a single solution for controlling screen time on our childrens devices whilst still giving them the responsibility of when they utilise their devices.  I thought that this would be it but obviously not looking at how long this thread has been going.  Really suprised as I imagine this would be a deal breaker for most people, as it is for us.

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I agree with the other comments on this page that this feature is essential. This system deals well with controlling the type of content kids can access, but not the total volume. The default settings would allow children to be on their devices for many hours. I would like to give my kids some choice over when, but not how much total time, they are on devices. It's distressing that this feature is still not a feature of Family Zone, 1-2 years after these comments were posted. 

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