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Limiting time

I understand that we can allocate times of day when access can granted, however is there any way of limiting the time that they can spend during each of these periods.

i.e. Can I set the 'game access' on weekends to all day but is there any way limit my kids to 3 hrs per day within that period... or do I have to specify which three hours they can have access.

It would be great to be able to 'right click' and add a limit/timer within these blocks of time- then have it revert/default back to study mode once they've used up all their 'game' time. I would love to give my child the responsibility to track/ monitor/ budget for their own usage.

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This is one of the reasons why I want family zone.

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Hi Julien,

Thank you for contacting us. At this time there is not an option to do this, but it is something that we are working on. A fair few parents have asked us about this and we should see it be released down the line, however, I do not have an ETA for when this will be available, but it is on the way!

Warm Regards,


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch with us, I have replied to Julien and I think that my answer above will cover this.

Warm Regards,


agree some sort of time allowance function would be really useful - 3hrs on a saturday and it cuts off.

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Hi Jonathan,

We have included the timer feature in our development roadmap due to high demand. Unfortunately I still do not have an ETA yet at this stage, but keep an eye on our forum for future updates.



I just signed up to this service. Limiting time per day was the reason I installed it, not just the periods when thy can use it. If this isn’t included by the time my free month is up I’ll be unsubscribing. I’m also a shareholder in Family Zone which makes me even more disappointed this hasn’t been done as requests seem to have been flowing in for this for over a year....

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I want to add my voice to the many people requesting access to this feature. I thought the promise on the Family Zone website to "Manage screen time" would include this very key feature and I am disappointed to find it's not considered important enough to have been part of the initial development. Every parent I know wishes for the same feature and most would pay to have it.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for contacting us! I believe we went through this over the phone today, but we are working on this as a top priority, it will be soon but I cannot give a concrete ETA.



Please hurry up! - status update? A year already and still a top priority?... maybe this is not such a top priority... surely it is not too hard to implement?  This is a VERY important feature for any parent.

Yes I agree with the above posts, an aggregate time per day limiting feature is really what I need. As far as I can tell, it doesn't even report on how much time per day the devices are being used. Disappointing.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your feedback.  This is still a feature we are looking into. We have brought a number of customer feature requests to production and continue to add feedback like yours to our feature requests list.


Katie B

I must say  I am shocked by two things:

1) That this feature wasn't past of the initial considerations for this app- as limiting time, is in my mind, one of the biggest things I need to use this type of app for.

2) That this request still hasn't seen the light of day. In six months, we are still getting the same response "Thanks for the feedback, We're looking into this" .... Blah, bah, it's a priority, leave us alone and give us your money... Talk about slow to react.

I haven't bothered to renew after the trial lapsed and will not bother until the feature is actually active.

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I’ve just installed the app and whilst being able to restrict access on school days is good not having a screen time timer is a big problem. Without a timer that shuts off access after say an hour on the weekends Family Zone is not all that useful. I still have to manage their access by using a timer on my phone - then there’s the argument that it time to switch it off etc. I’ve signed up for the free 1 month trial - but with no timer feature I’m not sure this is going to be worth paying for.
I think this app is more for parents who have teenagers and are worried about porn and too much time on social media after bed time. My son is 10 and I’m just trying to stop him playing games too much.
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