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Hangouts chatting

I find that chatting on hangouts is a distraction for my children while they do homework that require an internet connection. In stead of focusing on the task at hand they constantly switch between chatting and doing homework. This is not very productive and I end up extending the study time because the homework is not done in the initial time limit. Please advise.

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Hi Lize,

Thank you for your question. I have done testing and found that Google Hangouts will work unless the user is in Sleep mode. I will be raising a ticket to see if it can have it correctly classified as a Social App so it can be blocked when needed.

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Thanks! Looking forward to hear from you soon

Hi Lize,

Unfortunately, Google Hangouts works across key Google search domains. This means we cannot block Hangouts without blocking Google, which would make the internet basically unusable.

This means, Hangouts can only be blocked during sleep.

Well, that is a pity, but I understand. Just on the issue of sleep time and hangouts. It seems that once logged on and chatting in hangouts, the system does not throw them off with the switch over from study/ play time to sleep time.

Thank you for the feedback. I will get this tested.

Hi Damian, Are you working on a way to block google hangouts without blocking google?

Hi Damien. We sorted the problem on our side regarding sleep time and chatting. Sorry for any trouble and confusion. Cheers, Lize

Hi Pablo,

At this point in time, we cannot differentiate between google traffic and hangouts traffic. It may be something we will be able to do in the future, but at this time we cannot.



This is my biggest issue that I am hoping that FZ can help with. It does not look like Hangouts is blocked at any time even during sleep. Is there a way to limit this access?

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Hi, just wondering if there has been any progress in regards to blocking Google hangouts. Thanks
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