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Parent Power and family zone

Hi, Im happy to put family zone on our kids smart phones and school devices as the school has suggested - but we already use the parent power box at home. Will devices with both family zone and parent power work properly? Thanks

Hi Louise,

I have had a quick look at the Parent Power site. If the Parent Power box blocks VPN apps, this will prevent the Family Zone app working. You will need to contact Parent Power and ask whether they block VPNs and whether VPN blocking can be turned off.

It looks like (as with other parental control systems) Parent Power leverages low level (data-link layer) network programming and packet injections - this is essentially using a standard internet attack method... ie it isn’t pretty and any network security tools would report it as a threat. One of the reasons I selected FamilyZone is that it uses a mobile device management capability at its core and extends the filtering rules into the ZoneBox (which is kind of like a firewall) - to make it simple for users they have developed the web and app interfaces to provide some foundational capability for parents to use - it is a neat architectural solution. Although it could do with some further development that would make it the best of breed - mobile application management and integrations with the Microsoft Family capability would be a powerful combination.

Hi Dean,

Thank you for the information, we are always trying to better our product and having some feedback like this really helps.

Warm Regards,


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