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I have noticed that a couple of people have tried to use the controls>sites feature to control access to a specific domain. I am assuming that it is a domain filter not a protocol filter. Having experimented a little I have enabled at anytime my kids to get to a specific podcast feed and access to BorrowBox to enable downloads at anytime (which is handy if you want them to only download at night). What would be useful would be a register that could enable parents to lookup (and add to) the appropriate domains to get a specific application to access a service - eg a podcast app that needs to access the download/streaming source. Sometimes an application requires access to multiple domains to function - and unless you know what to look for in the logs it is hard.
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Hi Dean,

Thank you for reaching out to us, this is a great idea! I will pass this along to our development team and hopefully, we will be able to see it become a feature in the near future.

Kind Regards,


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