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VPN keeps disconnecting

My son has the app installed on his iPhone 6 and the VPN keeps disconnecting and hes then got to hit reconnect numerous times before it reconnects only to disconnect again a few minutes later. As u can imagine this is quite frustrating. Is there any way to fix this ?

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Hi Colleen,

Can I ask if he is on the latest version of the Software for iPhone?

If he is not on the latest update, can you

  • uninstall Mobile Zon
  • update to the latest software
  • turn your modem off and on again
  • then reinstall the app

Let me know if this resolves the issue or if further investigating is required.


Katie B

Hi there, my son has an Apple Iphone 5S.  We had issues with the VPN not connecting on his phone.  I have uninstalled the mobile zone app on his phone and re-installed it, however the VPN keeps trying to connect, and he doesn't have access to the internet (and the apps that I have allowed him to have).  This is also after we have turned off his phone numerous times and turned back on.

Interesting that he was able to connect to internet and use these apps at his friends house tonight.

I have now changed the settings in Family Zone to cancel filtering for studying and play times for now, however, this defeats the purpose.  What do I do to address the VPN issue?

Kind regards


Hi Leanne,

Yes, there is, you need to go to your portal, select the device you will be installing and then clicking on 'cancel Mobile Zone app service'. It will then be fine to uninstall without consequences. 

Kind Regards,


Thanks Tiara just wondering though is there a certsin way of doing this as I thought if I try uninstalling the app on my son's phone is wouldnt allow it ?

Hi Tanya,

With this issue, I would recommend the same steps as above. If this does not work please contact us with the above contact information so we can troubleshoot this more thoroughly.

Kind Regards,


Hi Leanne,

With this issue I would recommend uninstalling the app, restarting the device and then reinstalling the app. Giving it a clean slate can do absolute wonders. If this doesn't work please give us a call on 1300 398 326. We are also open from 6am to 8pm AWST 7 days .

Kind Regards,


I’ve had to delete the app from my daughter’s iPhone so she can actually use it. Any feedback on fixing this issue?
Yep it certainly is. My son only has Apple products so im not sure if its an apple issue or the app
Having this same problem as well. The iPhone doesn’t connect to wifi then which is very frustrating.
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