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customizing access to apps


I'd like to know if I can customise access to apps. For eg, can I allow access to Mathletics but not deezer or cash of clan during study time?

Thank you

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Hi Lise,

I am happy to whitelist websites the Mathletics App uses on your account. Is this the only App you need available for the study period?

I need to allow an app on my daughters android phone - surely this can be done by a parent via the FZ portal and not a support ticket?

What are the steps to do this?

Hi Rachel,

You can allow or block websites and apps that have been categorised by Familyzone under settings, age profile controls.

For more info see this guide. 

You can also allow or block a specific website or app that has not been categorised by Familyzone.

Under settings, age profile controls, select age profile, select websites, and add the app website domain.

For instance the Mathletics app can be allowed by allowing the website domain ""

If you're not sure what website domain the app uses, you can contact Family Zone and we can help you with filtering.

Please see the links below for more info on filtering an app. 

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