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Calendar displays the whole year a rest time

Hi My son is 12, and I've selected the 9-12 profile.

When I check the calendar, it displays all the days for the whole year as a rest day.

The guide indicates:

Default Calendar Settings

Recommended calendar settings will be chosen for each child based on their age profile. 

For a school-aged user, Monday to Friday will be set to School day.

For a non-school-aged user, the entire week will be set to Rest day.

How do I set the default calendar setting?

It was working with the default setting in Dec 2017 when i purchased FZ.

I manually changed Jan 2018 to play day for Jan 2018.

Thanks for fixing it.

Hi Michael

I have had a quick look at your account, and it certainly looks like something is wrong with the calendar. I will go through and fix that up for you.



I have the exact same problem as above.  I assume there is no user accessible fix, as such can you please perform the same fix for me?

Hi Lucie,

I have checked your profile and the two under 21 accounts have school days entered as well as rest days. Can I ask which account this is for, is it P, D, W or S?


Katie B

I've set routines in my kid's calendars according to their routines and am noticing that they change or don't exist anymore which means I have to go back and re enter. When I set a day to a school day it doesn't change and just stays blank.

Please help.


Hi Anastasia,

I believe this is is being dealt with in a ticket with out Tech Support Team.


Katie B

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