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Hi there,

I am sure that I am not the only one in this boat. I would love to see the ROUTINES feature to be expanded to have every day of the week listed rather that just rest day or school day. Each day is very different in our household with activities and in fact, Sunday (effectively being a school night) is different to Saturday. Please can this be looked at for an update in the future?


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Exactly. I put a request in a while back for each day and haven't heard anything. Worse than that they have reduced it to two types. We need 7!


Thanks for your requests. We have recently updated the Routines system to allow you to set routines for each individual day. If you log into your Family Zone account ( and click on the child in question, then click on calendar. On the day in question, click on "Edit this days routine". This will bring up a page where you can edit the routine. If you click on the icon for the access period that you changed, then you have the option there to apply it to future days. This way, you can set up different profiles for each weekday, and have them apply to all future days as well. 

I hope this helps out.



Hi Hugh,

I have tried to do as suggested but I don't seem get an option to apply it to future days. Could you please expand on this further? It would be an easier interface for users to be able to do that under the Routines function (M,T,W,T,F,S,S)  rather than going into the Calendar icon. Maybe the developers could look into this?


Just worked it out on the desktop....I need to lick click to get the option to apply it to future days. It's all a little trial & error over here 

Hi Kerith

We have some documentation you can go through here. I'm glad to hear you have worked it out. We need to do it on the calendar page so that the system knows what days you want to apply the change to.



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