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Internet based games still working during school and study times

Just discovered my child can still play hay day during times when games are supposed to be blocked. Have I set something up incorrectly?

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Hi Amanda

I'm happy to have a look at this for you, but I will need some more information. Roughly when did this occur? Is there any chance of you giving us a call when you have access to the device so we can work through some troubleshooting steps to find out what is happening? Alternatively, you can schedule a call so that one of our customer service representatives will call you at a convenient time.


Hugh W

I'm having a similar issue. My child is able to continue playing a Steam store game 'Player Unknown Battleground'. I have blocked the website url for study time, but he is still able to access. Would also like to block his access to Discord chat for all states other than 'Play'.

Hi Vernon

Thanks for your query. Discord is able to be controlled by using the "Social" category in the "Cyber Safety" section. I have got the team looking at Player Unknown Battleground, and hope to have some more information on it soon. There is a possibility that it will keep an open connection so it will not automatically close when the access period changes, but once the current game has been completed, it should not be able to connect for a new one. I will let you know when I have more information. 



It appears that internet based apps continue to have access if they remain open while the FZ box turns off internet access. For example during "play" time my teenagers are allowed to use snapchat so they have it open. They discovered if they leave it open, when the FZ box goes to "sleep" time then snapchat will continue to work. Once they close it then they cannot re-open it and start sending messages again (they can still receive messages though????).

To stop my teenagers continuing using internet based apps past their allocated times I usually turn the FZ box off but if I am not around or forget then they tend to use it beyond their allocated time.

This is not isolated to snapchat either. It appears to be any internet based application.



Hugh, Thank you for the heads up the Social category in the Cyber Safety section. Have blocked access during every routine except Play. The Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) website indicates that tonight there are over 1.8 million players in game globally. Unable to extract stats for Asia Pacific or Oceania, but the number is presumably noteworthy. Thank you to your team for looking into it. Look forward to the results of their investigations. My son still seems to be able to connect to new games during 'Sleep' time, but I will attempt to gather more intelligence on that one.



Hi Troy

We are aware of that issue and are working on a solution. They should not be able to receive messages, however, so if you would like to, you can schedule a call from for a time when you have access to the device, and we can go through some troubleshooting steps to work out exactly what is happening and see if we can fix it. 


Hugh W

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