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Can’t access the FamilyZone shop

Hi I can’t finish the setup of my FamilyZone as it it telling me I do not have sufficient services but it is not allowing me into the shop to upgrade. Can someone please help?

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Hi Davina,

It looks like your subscription is no longer in place. Please follow these steps to sign up for a subscription again.

  1. Log into Portal
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner
  3. Select Subscription 
  4. Untick the FZ One entry leaving only the $59 per year option and continue to checkout to re-subscribe

This will allow you to re-sign into Mobile Zone on your children's devices.


Katie B

Customer Service Officer

it says the site it is down at the moment

Hi Carey,

I had a look at your web account t and it seems there is a problem with the device entitlements. I will forward this issue to our developers and get back to you once it's resolved.

To Marian, we had a different problem with the Family Zone signup page and it should have now been fixed. Could you please try visiting the webpage again and see if it works this time?



Hi Michael

This issue is due to a limitation placed on secondary parent accounts. Only the Primary parent account can handle subscription and billing issues. Can you please log in using the primary parent account and see if Shop can be accessed?


Katie B

I have gone into the App Store and can't find the APP :(

cant access shop - says the session has expired....nope

Hi Sonia,

Thank you for reaching out to us, I believe I have answered this in the email that was sent.



 Hi I cant access the shop to purchase the box, all I get is a blank screen

Hi Andrew

I had a quick look at your account and fixed up an issue with it. Could you please try that again for me and let me know if you are still having problems. 



Im attempting to reinstall the app on childs device, but its giving the the same message!

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