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Snapchat removed

Just loaded Family zone and now my daughter can not access Snapchat. I have check rest times etc and all good. It’s got a warning along with Instagram.

Hi Mark,

Snapchat is blocked by default for the 9-12 age group.

You can view and change the settings to block/unblock certain Social media apps via logging in to Family Zone account>select Cyber Safety on the left-hand menu>Controls>choose age group>Social Network.

Hi Mark

I'm new to this and am just working my way through.... I see the list of APPS that you have default restricted... but if they are not listed, does that mean they can be downloaded?  My daughter has setting 9 - 12.  I don't want her downloading SnapChat, Instagram, Yubo .. if something is not listed, can we add it?

Thank you :-) 

Hi Loretto

The only time we will stop apps from being downloaded is if you have disabled that option by clicking on "Cyber Safety" then "Controls" then "Restrictions" in your online account. After that, select the appropriate age profile from the drop-down menu, and you will have the option to permit app installs. So you will be able to download an app on that list, but you won't be able to use it if it is blocked. 

You can put in a request for an app to be added to the Social networks, but we do reserve that for the bigger websites that a lot of people use. 



I have just added this app to my phone & it has restricted Instagram which I am happy for my daughter to have. Could you please explain how to allow this

Hi Michelle

You can control that by logging into either the online account or the Zone Manager app. For the online account, click "Cyber Safety" on the left hand side, and in the Zone Manager app, click "Settings" down the bottom. After that, click "Controls" and then "Social Networks" and then choose the appropriate age profile from the drop down menu. Instagram will be an option you can control in there. Just choose which access periods you want to allow access during, and you should be fine


Hugh W

I have just discovered my 13 year old son has made himself a snapchat account and is accessing it from someone else's (presumably a friend's) phone.  He has been told several times in the past he is not to have Snapchat.  Is there any way to disable the account - or block access to it?

many thanks,


Hi Karen,

I'm afraid since he is accessing it on a friends phone, we cannot actually stop access to it, we also aren't able to disable a personal account. If he was accessing it from his own phone, we would definitely be able to block it.

Warm Regards,


My children's phones allow snapchat and insta but they glitch even in play time. It is so frustrating that I have just removed the app from my 16 year olds account. WOuld love some advice please because there are good other features.

Hi Lisa,

I believe this issue has been dealt with in a ticket with our CSRs. If this isn't the case, please let us know and we'll open a new ticket for you.


Katie B

My  16yo son's SnapChat and Instagram cannot refresh while on the FamilyZone network. It is allowed in Cyber Safety setup for his age group. (13yo daughter's Instagram is working.) 

Hi Sally,

I believe we have a ticket for this and have replied there by email this morning with followup instructions.


Katie B

Customer Support Officer

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