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Setting up Mobile Zone

Hi, I am being asked to enter the activation key for a second time on the Mobile Zone and when I do this it says an error has occurred. I can see my sons phone on the Family Zone Portal but can't get past Activation Key request on the Mobile Zone?  

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Hi Karina,

I would recommend you to perform a clean uninstall before reactivating Mobile Zone on the device.

Since your son is using iPhone, you would need to remove MDM profile first through the IOS Settings menu:

  1. Menu: Settings > General
  2. Select: Device Management > Family Zone
  3. Select: Remove Management

Once you have removed the profile:

  1. Uninstall Mobile Zone
  2. Restart the device
  3. Reinstall Mobile Zone
  4. Enter Activation key

Let me know if this works for you.

Setting up my daughter's iPhone 6 with Mobile Zone, it is getting stuck at the "device management profile" download step.    It pops up an error window saying "Installation Incomplete.......please contact support".

It appears it is installing the app okay but just can't download the device management profile.

I have tried uninstalling and starting over a couple of times but no luck.  

Hi Kelvin,

Thanks for getting in touch.

To download the MDM profile you need to make sure Safari is available. Make sure restrictions such as screen time are turned off.

Once the MDM profile is downloaded, you need to install it by exiting Mobile Zone >> then select the settings app >> select general >> select 

profiles >> select Mobile Zone >> select install

If you still cannot manage. Please call us on 1300 398 326.

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