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Apps still working despite routine settings

If my child’s device is in the sleep routine, shouldn’t the apps not work- that is, they shouldn’t be able to be played. My child’s apps are still functioning as usual despite the sleep routine being “on”. What have I done wrong??

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Hi Claudia,

Only the internet is cut off when a Sleep routine is applied. At this stage, unfortunately your child is still able to access those apps which do not require an online connection.

Our developers are currently working on a function which allows parents to hide all apps during Sleep routine.

We will notify all customers once this change is implemented.

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I man very, very keen to have this feature as well.

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Hi Kerith

Thank you for your feedback, I have passed this onto the development team.



I’ve spent all afternoon setting this up for my girls assuming ‘sleep’ meant everything was disabled! I’m trying to stop my six year old getting on the iPad at 5am before I wake up (she will climb on anything to find it) and now I find this actually won’t solve my problem?? It actually doesn’t even disable the internet! I don’t understand what I’m paying for.

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Whatt!!!!! My kids are the same. I have just installed Family Zone on their phones and noticed they are still playing games despite it being sleep routine. What is the point of them being able to play games on their phones when in sleep mode? This is crazy!!! Im going to look into this as it is misleading and false advertising!!!

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Hi Michelle,

When a device enters sleep all internet connections should be down, the only connection that will continue is some bare functionality that allows the Mobile device to update its software, if you are finding that in sleep the device is not being filtered over the internet then this is something our support team will need to look into to help fix so I encourage you to either contact us on 1300 398 326 or select this link to create a call back, we will also be able to run you through all our features to best suit your famlies needs.

In regards to completely turning off all apps and locking the device in sleep time, it is true that we currently do not have this option/feature but it is very high on our list of development priorities and we should see something along these lines pop up very soon.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.


Family Zone Support

Hi Family Zone Support,

One of the main reasons for purchasing the family zone software was on the basis of apps not being able to be accessed during certain times. This feature is clearly not working, so what is the point of the routine settings? What would be really helpful to know is when you anticipate to release an update that will control app access.

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Hi Gavin,

The routine functionality allows you to control the type of online content that your kids can access during each different period (School, Study, Sleep, Play). If we take the Juniors (13-15) age group for example, most of the social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are only allowed during Play but will be blocked from being online during other access periods.



Hi in exactly the same situation. Have a child who needs to have functions of apps removed, particularly social media. I need this to work, and pronto! Love other features of the app but as so many things are done via apps now, the relevance of sleep mode being just no internet access is only part of a bigger problem. I am also trying to set up useage for the kids going between 2 households to create consistency which will aid in managing their expectations. Release date please?

Exactly! I am close to jumping ship to other platforms that allow you to cut almost everything during SLEEP time. Sick of arguing with them as they sit there playing their offline games (at bedtime) that they have now resorted to instead of social media and online games. Family Zone need to hurry this feature up!

Hi Kerith,

We are in the final stages of testing a hide all Apps feature. It will be released to our customers very shortly.

As you are aware, hiding all Apps will address offline games during Sleep time. 

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And I would like to think you could add the capability to hide apps during school/study according to personal need.

Other features great, but apps really need to be catered for.


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Does this mean for a phone, that as long as they have data, they can still access social media and internet? 

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Hi Family Zone. I like the way the system functions but I am really looking forward to this feature mentioned above being released. Reading through the posts the general response is "will be released shortly". I have been down this path before with app development. Can you please provide a time frame? Will it be two weeks, two months?
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