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Apps still working despite routine settings

If my child’s device is in the sleep routine, shouldn’t the apps not work- that is, they shouldn’t be able to be played. My child’s apps are still functioning as usual despite the sleep routine being “on”. What have I done wrong??

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Wanted to edit my comment but can’t - I’m guessing WhatsApp should be fine, but it would also affect some music apps etc which I’m fine with my son having on/access to at night.

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for the feedback, we're always happy to hear feature requests and look at them for future versions of our products.The settings in place for blocks and allowances are the defaults provided by our Cyber Experts but can be deviated from by parents in the Age Profile Controls section. There is also an ability to white list and blacklist certain websites as exemptions from general rules. If that app connects to a specific non-IP address we would be happy to have a call from you when you have the device and we can test this and see if we can help tailor this to your usage in particular. You can call in anytime or use the Schedule a Call button of our Support section in Portal to pick a time and date you want us to call you instead.


Katie B

I have just been reading a number of comments regarding the shutting down of all apps/selected apps during sleep mode. You have apparently been telling people for 10mths now that its coming very soon. An update to allow this functionality must be ready by now. I have just moved over to Family Zone from Ourpact based on recommendations but I'm beginning to think I have less control over my children's devices now. Ourpact allows us complete control over every single app on their phones and iPads. Surely this function can be added to Family Zone.

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Hi Michael,

Unfortunately we have had the goalposts for this development moved by Apple on several occasions which has stopped us from being able to release the update. As far as I know, OurPact cannot be placed on Games Consoles, and is not able to be installed on laptops or desktops, and it does not work with previously in place school filtering. All of which we are able to do using a different implementation than OurPact. This means that although something may work for Ourpact on one device, it is not the same to replicate it on our service.

We are still working on the new parameters Apple has set for being able to release this update and will continue to do so until it is delivered.


Katie B

Customer Service Officer

As an IT specialist that has dealt with MDM technology in the business world.  An all or nothing solution is not an answer.  I have one kid that has an iOS and one that has an Android.  I allow them to listen to their music apps at night during sleep time, but need to be able to disable other apps at night, including SMS texting.  Its great they can't snapchat or play fortnite during sleep time,  but instead they play their offline games or they text with their friends after they should be in bed sleeping.  

I love your scheduling abilities and other features but this piece is HUGE.  Please do something about this.

Any update on this feature??? Release date wasn’t far away a year ago

Hi Nicole,

We are currently working on the update for this, although, there is still one remaining issue we are currently trying to work out with Apple. However, that being said, unfortunately we can't give a specific time frame as this could be as far as another year off, though this does not mean that it is not a high priority issue and we are constantly working on it.

No solution for this problem yet?

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for getting in touch.

At this stage Mobile Zone is predominantly used to filter a devices internet access with a few extra device restrictions. The current

version of Mobile Zone does not restrict apps that are offline based. 

You may want to look at Apple's screen time features, a lot of our customers use screen time in conjunction with Mobile Zone. Please see the link: 

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Hi all If you want to restrict access to apps during a period of time, you need to set up Settings>Screen Time>Content and privacy restrictions on iOS devices.
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