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Discord and Pornography

As there is no section for general posts I am submitting this to "Report a Problem". The follow is not a problem on Familyzones side as they can't control this.

Unfortunately today I discovered pornography on the childs Discord account. While he hadn't posted any, he was in groups that were posting them. Most Discord servers have these set up under NSFW (Not Safe For Work) channels which require you to agree that you are 18+ before seeing the content. In these channels people are usually posting pornographic images and rarely any links to content. Since they are pictures and aren't links to porn sites, Familyzone can't block them from being seen. While any social networking site and app can have porn posted on it, Discord is a newer site/application that isn't as well known as things like Skype and Facebook. Discord has the ability to have multiple messaging channels inside one group, so for anyone not familiar with it it can be confusing to check it and other channels are easily overlooked. Discord also has Private Messaging which can also be easily overlooked.

Little information about Discord:

Discord is a group messenger application and website available on most, if not all devices. Anyone can make a Discord account if they have an email and anyone can make a Discord group and enable a NSFW channel. It is possible to post NSFW content outside of NSFW channels.

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for making us aware of this. We have now added a section for General Discussion which hopefully benefits all our customers.

We are familiar with Discord, and do have the ability to block or allow the app or website. You can find it under Cyber Safety -> Controls -> Social Networks. This does however mean that your child will have either all or no access to Discord during those set time periods. Hopefully it is not too late, and you can still work together with your child to set some boundaries with your child and help them responsibility use the internet.


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