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Data Usage and Speed Limiting

After a year with Familyzone, we recently removed most restrictions from the child's devices so he could show that he can now follow the rules. So far everything has gone well (yay), except for the fact that he somehow manages to take most of the internet speed, leaving the rest of the family with almost nothing, making it impossible for them to access the internet. I've looked into programs and our modem to manage this but they are requiring me to do things that are just not possible or just don't work. So I've come to Familyzone to request a feature that let's us limit the amount of data that can be used each day and the max speed that a device may receive. To give an example of what I'm talking about.


Parents will have the option of selecting the amount of data the family member can receive each day, whether it be 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, Unlimited, etc. Then they will have the option to select what download and upload speed they can receive. 


This feature will also be quite handy for families that don't have unlimited data, or have slow internet. I think this feature will be a great addition to what Familyzone already has if it's possible to implement and I know it will make my family much happier when we can all use the internet again.

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Hi Alex,

It is not possible to restrict the data usage through any of our Family Zone product at this stage. I have forwarded your suggestion to our development team as a feature request. However, please do understand that we need to confer with the developers before we can implement this into our production timeline.

If this feature becomes available on our roadmap, we will certainly let you know.


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