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XBox 1 Console

Hi, a FZ team member has confirmed that I can install Family Zone on my son’s Xbox 1 to control play time and Utube, but I have been unable to work out how do this. Are you able to provide some advice? We have a FZ box. Thank you. Penny

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We successfully set the XBox one on the WiFi. However... WiFi is not handling the bandwidth of the game my son is playing (Fortnite) so I have had to go to a LAN connection into the FZ Box. Do the restrictions placed on the user "Xbox" still take place on LAN connection or is this only on the WiFi FZ connection?

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Hi Tony,

To allow Fortnite:

1. Log in to

2. On the left, select settings, age profile controls

3. In the first drop down, select the appropriate age profile for the child

4. In the second drop down, select Social networks and games

5. Find where Fortnite is listed, and ensure it is showing as unfiltered (blue) during the appropriate access period that corresponds to their routine


David B

Hi Tim,

Can you call into our Customer Service Team or use the Support section of Portal to pick a time and date that suits you for a callback? We'd like to test the Home Zone box and see why this might be happening.


Katie B

Customer Service Officer

Hi Penny,

By using the Home Zone Box, you are able to connect the Family Zone WiFi to the Xbox. The Xbox then needs to be registered under a specific user so it can allocate the restrictions. Here are the steps:

1. Connect the Xbox to your Family Zone WiFi

2. On the Xbox, go to in a browser such as Google Chrome

3. Register the device (select the owner of the device, type of device, etc)

Some additional advice I can offer, is that if the Xbox is used by multiple users and not a single one, is to create a separate user in your Family Zone account and label it 'Xbox'. You can then configure a routine and restrictions purely intended for that device.

Hope this provides you some guidance, and if you still need help please feel free to schedule a callback with our support team.


Hi we are having a similar problem. The wifi connection keeps dropping out while play minecraft on xbox. Is there a way of stoping this. Have tried moving closes to xbox console but no improvement.

Hi Team Can we restrict one device under the same profile and 

not the others?

Hi Jarrod,

All devices under one profile follow the same routines and filtering. For this, I would suggest moving that specific device to another profile created just for it.


Katie B

I’ve just set up Family Zone Box and connected the Xbox. It now blocks access to the fortnite servers (which is causing riots in our house) Does any on ek ow how to allow this access?

Hi Mark

Thanks for your query. Any device connected to the Home Zone box will be filtered, this includes devices connected over a LAN connection. 



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