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XBox 1 Console

Hi, a FZ team member has confirmed that I can install Family Zone on my son’s Xbox 1 to control play time and Utube, but I have been unable to work out how do this. Are you able to provide some advice? We have a FZ box. Thank you. Penny
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Hi Penny,

By using the Home Zone Box, you are able to connect the Family Zone WiFi to the Xbox. The Xbox then needs to be registered under a specific user so it can allocate the restrictions. Here are the steps:

1. Connect the Xbox to your Family Zone WiFi

2. On the Xbox, go to in a browser such as Google Chrome

3. Register the device (select the owner of the device, type of device, etc)

Some additional advice I can offer, is that if the Xbox is used by multiple users and not a single one, is to create a separate user in your Family Zone account and label it 'Xbox'. You can then configure a routine and restrictions purely intended for that device.

Hope this provides you some guidance, and if you still need help please feel free to schedule a callback with our support team.


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