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iMessage controls

Lack of any iMessage controls:

I was stunned to learn that FamilyZone offers no control over iMessage (Apple text messages) for devices either connected to the Family Zone box or being controlled through the App. (VPN). This is a serious limitation of the service. To think that when a child's device is placed in sleep that social media and emails can be halted but not iMessages is ludicrous. If someone has a solution, I'm all ears, otherwise FamilyZone need to make this top priority for their developers.



(child is using iPod touch - WIFI, no SIM card)

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Hi Simon,

It comes with great pleasure that I can inform you that within the next few weeks, we will be able to identify and block iMessage. We are currently in the process of testing this so it can be successfully rolled out.

We will send a communication out to all our customers advising when this change is implemented.


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This will be a welcome feature as imessage is big distraction and is going off all night with notifications. I'd also like to see the ability to control screen time to prevent the kids using offline games/apps. I'm currently using OurPact to achieve this but don't want to have to pay for two products



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Is there an update re: iMessages turned off during sleep mode?

Hi Spiros,

Yes, this has been updated. We sent an email to all our customers recently about the changes to calendars and routines, along with the ability to now control iMessage,


Hi roze, I too have had a problem with iMessage. Are you able to repost the info on how to activate it? As I can’t seem to find it. Thanks Claire

Hi Claire

You will need to log into your Family Zone account ( and select "Cyber Safety" on the left-hand side, and then "Controls". Choose the appropriate age profile from the drop-down menu, and then a list of options should appear on the right-hand side. There will be an option in there to control Apple iMessage & Notifications. 

I hope this helps



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I have blocked imessage in study and sleep modes. The devices are still able to send and receive imessages. Please fix


Hi Fenton,

The iMessage will allow text to be sent via SMS if the internet data is turned off. You can disable the SMS feature on the iMessage by going to the IOS Settings>Messages and toggle 'Send as SMS' off.



I also blocked iMessage but they can still iMessage from their computer. Can you tell me where to fix this? Are you saying go into IOS settings on their computer and toggle send as SMS off? Wouldn't they be able to just reset that?

Hi Isobel,

I believe my colleague Damian spoke to you earlier today in regards to this and he was able to rectify it with a Home Zone box update. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us again.

Kind Regards,


I note that imessages can be controlled via Family Zone Home Box but not yet for VPN.

Is there an ETA on when this important feature is availabe for VPN users.

Hi Spiros

Thanks for your query. We are working on this issue, but unfortunately, I cant give you an ETA. 


Hugh W

Hi everybody, I have a work around. I had the same problem with kids having messages go off at all hours and I had to take the devices away altogether at night. Then of course they would get up in the middle of the night and sneak them back (angry face). If your using the VPN the only way to stop them completely at this point is to log directly into your router and block the devices from the internet using their MAC address and this can be done for between times as well. I know to many this sounds difficult but its worth looking at your router instructions to get it done to stop the messaging. The inability to control messages is the only flaw with Mobile Zone (and its still an awesome app) and this will fix it for you (while your on your own network anyway). Hope this helps.

Hi Thanks for this post. But I think you able to block iMessage through the family zone box. Do we have to block Messages also via the server/modem as you describe? Thank you
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