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VPN disconnected when Android device restarted

Hi Team,

I have discovered that when my daughters Android 7.0 device is restarted, the VPN does not automatically reconnect. As a result none of the FZ rules are in effect. Can you please suggest how we can force the VPN to start after an Android reboot?

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Having same issues with my son's Oppo A73 which is also Android 7.1.1.

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I was hoping for a response from Family Zone on this issue with the A73......

I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Andriod verion 5.0.I also has the same problem that after restart the mobile, the Movile Zone VPN permission has not been granted. 

Hi John,

Thanks for contacting us. 

Earlier versions of Android do not allow a VPN to automatically open when the phone is booted.

For this reason, the permission must be granted after every restart. It is a limitation of the operating system

I am having this issue on my son's Oppo AX5S. There is always one permission I have to re-grant each time the phone is booted.

Is there any solution to this as yet?

It does render Family Zone protection unusable, since my son will need to turn off his phone for the first part of the school day.


Hi Jane, 

What is the permission that is not being granted on the Oppo AX5S? 


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