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Devices not protected

Hi there one of my partners kids tried to put a Wi-Fi extender onto our internet which in turn stopped our voip phone from working, have got that working with help from iinet but now the family zone apps on my son's devices are not working, although it says his devices are fully protected he can access sites he normally wouldn't be able to. Can anyone help with this please ?

Hi Leanne,

How is he connecting to the internet on his devices? Is he connecting through 3g/4g or WiFi? If he's going through 3g/4g, then the Family Zone App should be working through a VPN connection, and he shouldn't be able to access blocked sites.

If he is on WiFi, we will need to check a few things:

- Is he connecting to the modem, or WiFi extender?
- Is the VPN icon on the devices still active? (Should be a VPN or key icon in the top left or right hand corner)

- When you open the app, does it show your son as the user and his access period?


Thanks Rose. He was connecting through the modem the wifi extender was taken off. It seems to be all working now so not sure what the problem was. The VPN kept saying it was connecting then it would eventually connect but then disconnect shortly after but so far so good today :)

Hi Leanne,

No problem. Glad to hear its resolved.

Please let us know if you notice anything!


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