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Queery re VP

Hi, We are currently on holidays away from the FZ box. I suspect my son Jeremy’s iphone FZ has been deactivated (violated). On FZ settings it says it is currently protected. However The VPN logo does not show on his iphone screen. So, is checking the presence of the VPN logo another way of seeing if he is bypassing FZ? Another question please: Lets say his ph runs out of charge. I will get a message from FZ that his phone has not been seen. If he does not charge and use his ph for a few more days, does FZ give me the same message every day? (It would be great if it did) The issue for me is this. When I receive the FZ message iphone has not been seen for 24 hrs how can I tell if it is out of charge or violated? Love your support! John
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Hi John

Thank you for your enquiry.

Not necessarily. If he has the Family Zone app installed, but is in range of a safe wifi network (such as the Family Zone Box or a registered school), then the VPN icon will not show. If he is not on a safe network or using 3g/4g, then you should be able to see the VPN icon.

If the phone hasnt been seen, you should receive a red alert email to notify you. Rather than sending you consecutive emails, multiple days where the device hasn't been seen will come up as red flags in your Family Zone account. You can also download the Zone Manager app to easily access your online account and make or view changes.


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