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Vpn connection

Hi My daughters ipad is getting this message VPN Connection Please enter your authentication information. She hasnt disabled the app. We cannot use the ipad as I don't know what the password is.

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Hi Catherine,

At what point does the message come up? Have you tried to device passcode if it has one?

Is the iPad able to function normally, just not able to use the internet?


This just happened today to my sons ipad. We are away from home and he is unable to use the iPad at all and I cannot turn off family zone as it won’t let me access the internet. This is unacceptable as it has been hard enough getting them used to the family zone conditions, I don’t need another example of the app completely disabling his iPad when he has not done anything wrong.
Oh, and the device passcode doesn’t not solve the problem.
I reset all settings and it then managed to get on to the internet so my previous remote disabling of the app request was able to be processed. I will not be adding it back and will be disabling the app on all of my other children’s devices until I get a response to this query as we are on holidays until mid-January and I don’t want this happening again to any other devices while we are away.

We were away also and it seems the problem was the location.  So I turned off the location and the internet worked fine after that.  I think it was looking for the home server.

I agree it was a pain

Hi Janine,

Apologies that we didn't get to respond to you quick enough. The device passcode isn't related to the VPN - it is what the device itself uses to unlock itself.

Could you please confirm where you are currently at with the iPad so I can advise the appropriate steps? When the error appeared, what happened what you clicked cancel or okay? Did the filtering continue to work as normal?

For future reference, any urgent enquiries should be phoned straight through to us on 1300 398 326. Our forums are monitored during business hours, while our call centre is available to assist you over the weekend and public holidays. If you are overseas, you can call +61 (0) 340000044.


My daughters phone cannot be used at all as it's displaying the same error. I cant get into settings or anything past this stupid box. Have called the call centre and they couldnt give me the password. It's your app surely someone knows the password??? They called apple for me who said without the password the only way I can use the device is to restore to factory settings which means we loose everything!!!! Really unhappy!!!!!

Hi Tabitha

We currently have a Customer Support Representative dealing with this issue who has been in touch with you. Damian will try and contact you early next week. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  



What was the solution to this problem?

My husband is a comms tech and managed to bypass it. 

Hi Stuart,

To bypass this all you need to do is press 'Cancel'. If it keeps popping up, please disconnect all internet, WiFi and mobile data, uninstall Mobile Zone, restart the device and then reinstall, this will fix the issue for you

Thank you,


Hi Tabitha,

I'm glad to hear that you found a way around this issue, I apologize for the long wait time for a response.



How do I get a VPN code? My kids phones are locked. I have rung to get this god awful app of the devices. We are locked out again! Can anyone help pls??

Hi Simone,

I believe I spoke to you just a little while ago and we were able to fix this issue by removing the MDM once the app had uninstalled



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