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setting up ipad on school zone and cannot reach server

hi i'm setting up my child's device for the school family zone and i follow all the instructions, download the app, enter the activation code on the device and then i get a message 'cannot reach server!'. i went back to the portal and the device is there but saying location services must be on 'always'. i've checked the ipad device and it is set to always. i can't get to our wifi anymore, and when i check it says again (as within the mobile app) the server cannot be reached. i've uninstalled everything and reinstalled the app, reactivated and get the same message.. pls help?

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fyi i have followed all instructions and trusted the app, and set locations as always but it hasn't recognised this..

Hi Corri,

When you open the app, does it come up with an error message? Do you see access periods and the user, or does it ask for an activation key?


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