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Activity reports

Hi, My daughters device is reporting activity at times during 'sleep' at 1am and 3am though she's saying she's not using it at this time. Are alerts received from others on her phone counted as usage or activity?

Hi Hayley,

Devices have background information occurring at all times, when in Sleep Time these are blocked as no internet is allowed during Sleep Time. Normally, when in Play time, you won't see these as they do not get blocked.

This background traffic and notifications may appear in usage/activity reports due to this.


I have been using FZ for less than a week and I love it already. I do agree with Hayley though in that is frustrating to see usage reports from all through the night when clearly my kids are not on their devices. I understand this is background activity and the devices are in sleep time but it would be handy to see usage reports only detailing the sites which my kids visit. Will I see this

 background activity reported during school time and study time? I would like to know if my kids are using their devices during these times and if so what sites are being visited, without having to filter through the background information.


Hi Brett,

Glad to hear you like the product.  At the moment we show all usage in the insights section at all routine times. We are however in the process of building a different view that will be much more useful to our customers and provide information that is helpful rather than all data up front.


Katie B

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