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Is there anywhere in the Family Zone Portal that records a log of what changes are made and when?   I am still getting used to FZ.  I fear I may have left my laptop unattended too long and possibly one of my boys got onto it.  By going to the history tab in Safari he could easily select the FZ portal which, with my settings in the Apple Mac Book, would have bought up the user name and password.

The reason I suspect this may have happened is that I changed his access to sleep for an hour while I was outside and he was supposedly doing his homework.   When I came back in about 45 minutes later I noticed it was set to Play and looking at his usage see that he had been using snapchat etc.  I can only assume he figured out how to change the settings.

With the log, I was hoping to be able to see if any changes were made to his access while I was away from the PC.

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Hi Adrian,

We do have a log of history when you go to, however this may not provide the functionality you are after. The best thing to do is to log out of the Family Zone account once you have finished, or change the settings so that your browsers don't remember the password for the Family Zone account.

The other alternative, is to purely manage the devices through our Zone Manager app thats designed for parents. We currently have the Android version available in store and the iOS version is currently under development.


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