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Windows Store Apps

Hi there, 

A couple of questions. 

1. Does Family Zone filter content coming through windows store apps - eg Ads etc. 

2. Does Family zone have the capability to control the age level or app installation on windows? (not mobile but PC) EG is there MDM for PC. 

Appreciate your time. 


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Hi Campbell,

Thank you for your queries.

1. No, our Box doesnt filter content coming through the apps store. 

2. Our Family Zone Box covers devices that connect through WiFi such as desktops, laptops, consoles and so on. This will filter the content for different age groups and restrict screen time, however depending on the setup, might not block app installation the way you're after. Disabling app installs is usually associated with the MDM component that's installed as part of our App, which functions differently to the Box. Hope this makes sense.


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