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Smart phone App to access FZ parent portal

Not sure if this is already on an upcoming feature update.  It would be great if parents could access the portal via a smart phone App.  This App will be useful to quickly process child requests.

I do not have notifications turned on for email as I get hundreds of emails per day.  Would be great if the App notifies parents on alerts and requests. It is also not very friendly when using the portal via a browser on a phone.



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Hi Carlos,

We released our Zone Manager App for Android not long ago, and are currently developing one for iOS as well. This helps parents manage the devices and notifications from within an App instead of the website.


Does this mean you can't get notifications as a text?  I don't check my emails often so when alerts come through I am not aware until I open my emails.

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I'm new so maybe i missed it in the app but I can't access all the apps on my child's device unless I go into the portal via my browser....and it's only in the browser that I seem to be able to give extra time etc. It would be so much more useful if these day to day functions happened within the app.
It would be great too if every app on my childs devices had blocking options like the social media ones do....then I could just block apps completely on an individual basis. Doing this from within the FZ app would be great..i don't usr my laptop much...i do most things thru my phone.

Leah, someone recommended "Our Pact" which is another service in which you can control apps and limit them to certain times.

Thanks that separate to this tho? We have this set up thru our school so I'd like to stay on the one platform for everything.

Hi Melanie,

Unfortunately, we do not have a text notification ability available at the moment, however, I will add this as feedback so it may be something that we consider in the future.



Hi Leah,

You are able to do quick time changes through our Zone Manager app, just by pressing on the access period icons below a users name, you can then choose the amount of time to give them access. In regards to having blocking options for the apps on your child's devices, I will add this as feedback for our developers.



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