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Mobile device affected when fz box is on

Ever since we switched on the white box my mobile phone has issues. Its extremely slow and loses connection. This occurs even when Im not connected to the box (just using my my phone provider). I restarted my phone and my modem and it still has the issues. So i turned off the white box and within seconds my mobile had no issues. How is this even connected? I dont have the app on my mobile bit i do use it to control the fz portal.
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Hi Taryn,

Your phone isn't connected to the Family Zone Box unless its through either of the 3 WiFi networks on the Box. Can you confirm whether your phone is connecting to any of these? For the 3g/4g connection, unless you have the App installed on your phone, then it won't be connecting through Family Zone at all.

The Portal is a webpage and would be running through whatever browser you use, so this can be accessed through your regular internet connection.


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