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Allowing access but nothing available. .

My daughter is at a friend's house and I have changed her access to "play" for a few hours. However she is still unable to access anything.

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Hi Jenie,

Sorry about the time its taken us to get back to you on this one! 

When we are troubleshooting, there are a few additional details we need. Some examples of this would be:

- What device is effected?
- What are you trying to access, but unable to?
- Does being unable to access mean it is blocking when it shouldn't, or that its timing out?

- Are you connecting via Box or App?

In future, if you need immediate help, our contact centre is available on 1300 398 326 from 6am-8pm.


Using the website from my iPhone I am unable to find the feature that allows me to extend playtime for one hour. How do I do that? And why are all the features so hard to find? There is very little logic to the organisation.

Hi Sean,

Thank you for reaching out to us, on the iPhone website you are able to do this by signing in>pressing on the user you wish to extend>scrolling down until you see the icons>by default it will be 60 mins, but if you wish to change the time, press on the 60 mins and select one of the other times>press on the play icon. You can also cancel this by pressing the red cancel button under the quick change menu. Our Zone Manager app also allows you to do the same thing.



FZ has blocked access to Colorfy app on my daughter's iPod, despite it working fine yesterday. I unblocked the entertainment category due to it being an entertainment app, but still not working. Device is connected to wifi and is within allowed access time.

Hi Carolyn,

I cannot see any reason why we would be blocking this app. It may be the app itself was having some issues, please restart the phone and also see if the app needs an update. If that does not fix it, please contact us on 1300 398 326.



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