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Regenerate Activation Code

Not too sure what happened but the device is asking for an activation code again after already being installed and running for a month. Where do I regenerate a code again to enter into the device?

Many thanks,

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Hi Sara,

Could you please confirm if this is the HUAWEI device? If so, I'll log a bug with our developers.


Hi Roze, yes it is that device.


Hi Sara,

We have logged the issue with our developers. Could you please email with your contact details so we can call you to follow up next week?

Thank you!


My son's iphone needed to have a hard restart.  After downloading the family zone app, it is now asking for an activation key.  The phone is visible on Family Zone but he is unable to do anything until he has an activation key.  How do I generate another activation key again?

Do I need to delete this phone off familyzone and then add it again?


Hi Carolyn,

Yes, I do recommend removing it from your devices list. To generate another activation key, you go to your online account>Services>Mobile Zone>Set up more devices>And floow the prompts.



my daughter's device can only work on an older software version (iPhone 4) - it is asking for an activation key, but the prompts only refer to parent sign on, not activation code.  Does it no longer work on older devices this way?

Hi Nicole,

On the recent updates we got rid of activation keys in favour of a username / password combination sign in. Can you update the Mobile Zone on your daughter's iPhone to the latest version? If you can't it may be the case that the older software available is no longer supported by Family Zone.


Katie B

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