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Adding a wifi extender

How do i add a wifi extender  to the wireless network. I have some TP-Link extenders that i was previously using on my wifi network. I am now using the family zone box for wifi but can't seem to get it to 'see' the extenders. 

Any ideas how i can achieve this?


Peter W.

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Forgot to add. i used WPS to add it to the old wireless network

Hi Peter,

Our Family Zone Box isn't compatible with WPS. We would need more information about your specific extender to find out how to log into its interface, then configure it to extend our Family Zone WiFi.


Hi Roze,

A quick update. Sorry for the slow response, I've been away a lot lately. Anyway, I have successfully connected the extenders to the network and it all seems to be working well. I actually read the manual for a change ;-) and worked out that I could connect the extenders to my mac using a network cable and manually enter the connection information. For your information if anyone else wants to do it I am using a TP-Link TL-WA850RE 300 Mbps Universal WiFi Extender from Office Works.

The only complication is that an extender will only connect to one network. We have two extenders so the front of the house is connected to the unfiltered wifi and the rear of the house is connected to the filtered (kids) wifi. It has the additional benefit of keeping the kids out the back :-)


Peter Wallington

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for keeping us updated!

If there's anything else you need, please let us know.


Thanks for this answer Peter. I'm having similar issues, very helpful!


I am brand new to Family Zone, having just activated the box today.  My problem is similar but different!!!   I have my main modem where the cable internet comes in.  From here I have had an ethernet cable connect from my main modem to an Apple Time Capsule at the other end of the house.   The main modem had one wifi network and the time capsule another.   Everything worked fine where I could select the stronger wifi network depending on what end of the house I was at.

With the Family Zone box I have struck an issue so not sure if I am doing this right or need to tweak with some things.   I have connected my main modem (from LAN point) to the Family Zone box (to WAN point)  That was fine and I then had the new Family Zone wifi network at that end of the house.  I then plugged the ethernet cable (the one that runs from my Time Capsule) into the Family Zone box.  As soon as I did that, my devices could no longer connect to the wifi network coming from my Time Capsule.  

I thought that by running the ethernet cable from the Family Zone box to my time capsule, everything that connects to my Time Capsule would now be 'protected' by Family Zone.   But, not getting wifi from there now!!

Does this make sense what I am trying to do?  Is there a fix for this??

Thanks for any help.

Hi Adrian,

It does make sense, and there are a few things we can try.

To assist with the setup, it would be best to go through this over the phone. Could you please email with your preferred contact number, along with the time and day that would suit you, and we can arrange a call back for you?


This comment in the FZ info confused me - 

Can I extend my Family Zone coverage with WiFi extenders? 

Yes. We support WiFi extenders with exception to ones that connect through WPS.

I have a Netgear WN3000RP WiFi extender that I was extending our old WiFi. It linked with WPS. Does FZ support WPS for extenders? I don't see a WPS button on the FZ box (like we have with our modem) so don't see how to link it the the FZ WiFi.


Hi Jayson,

As the answer you posted states, 'with exception to ones that connect through WPS'.

No, our Family Zone Box currently does not support extenders that connect through WPS.

Do you have another extender that you can try? One that isn't WPS?


Hi Roze,

Our unfiltered Telstra WIFI has a Mesh booster. The mesh booster has a ethernet port on the back. I am hoping I can just get another FZ box and plug it into the back of the Mesh booster?

Hi Jayson

That should work. Once registered, the FZ box will generate another wifi network with the same settings as the existing FZ box. If you have any problems with it, please let us know and we will sort them out. 


Hugh W 

Hi we are looking at getting a wifi extender for the kids gaming. We are having connection issues, kids getting kicked out of games by the wifi midgame and lag with the games.

My question is what sort of extender should we get for gaming and is compatible with the fz?

Hi Fiona,

We don't have a specific extender that we recommend to customers, but we have not had all that many issues with Netgear extenders.



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