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YouTube not accessible by adult


I am evaluating FZ mobile, not the box part. Kids use the ipads a fair bit outside the house  like at friends/granny. (although we may get the box I need to ensure the mobile part is working. )

I installed FZ mobile on 1 ipad and setup FZ so that it defaults to the kids (0-8) profile. This is called 'BoysDefault' . So when the kids use it they are ready to go on that kids profile . My profile is 'Luke' (+21) so if I want to use my ipad I have to 'borrow' as 'Luke'

When I go to borrow the ipad on the FZ app it does switch over to 'Luke' but when I try to go to YouTube app or YouTube via Chrome it just sits and times-out. It does sometimes work on either but not always and when it does it works on one but not the other . 

I notice that the VPN logo in top left often has a spinner beside it - like it is checking the FZ zone filter server or something. So browsing pages in 'Luke' mode is noticeably slower (so it does slow down the internet contrary to the FAQ). If I use the Settings in the FZ app and turn off filtering for an hour or so then the ipad is fine again, fast and quick again like it used to be on YouTube app or YouTube chrome and Chrome itself. i.e. so is not our wifi speed  ...

is it something I am missing 

PS: I close YouTube app completely or Chrome completely and all tabs when I try above ...

Hi Luke,

It may take a couple minutes for the profile settings to completely kick in. Did you try to access YouTube immediately after the profile change? Are you still getting the same problem after waiting a couple minutes?

While the VPN has a spinner, are you experiencing any issues with other sites, or is it isolated to YouTube? If you are experiencing slow speeds, this may be something we need to troubleshoot further into.


Yes, have waited a few mins each time, not sure why a person would have to tho... yes, spinning on Chrome and Safari too. Now on that iPad lost the wifi all together and also on another one. Had to 'remove management ' so kids could do Mathletics and Study Ladder. When removed the iPads back to normal, i.e. Fast and all apps working. We have good modem, supplied by Optus nothing odd on setup nor iPads. Have restarted modem and iPads, neither of which should need doing, still lots of issues. Is a bit of a worry, not very confident of this working, taking a lot of my time troubleshooting something that should be rock solid?

Hi Luke,

When switching over a profile, it does take a couple minutes as is stated in the Portal. This is to send the relevant information to that device to make the change. In relation to Mathletics and Study Ladder, is it blocking the app/website or is it just not accessible due to how long it takes to browse to the site (times out)?

We definitely want to ensure your experience is positive, so we can offer you a free trial of our Family Zone Box to see if it makes a difference with your speed issues?


Hi Roze, as I noted I need the VPN part to work ... plus have confidence in that before I try anything else from FZ. Not sure why the box which will have essentially filtering software on it too. I.e if filtering by VPN not stable/debugged why would filtering software on a box from same developer be better?

Hi Luke,

Without real-time troubleshooting with one of our support experts, it is difficult to identify the root cause of your issue. You are welcome to troubleshoot with us by scheduling a call back.

Although the content filtering is configured to work the same as your Portal settings, the way it connects is different. While our App connects through the VPN, our Box connects through WiFi.


Ok - I may try the cqll back call. I am trialling another now that uses VPN and MDM and so far is working fine, VPN not dropped out over 5 days and speed fine, no discernible diff. Once that trial is over I will know more

Hi Luke,

No problem. Please let us know how you go.


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