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Violated Devices and Consequences not working

My son keeps deleting the family zone app and gaining access to his phone.     I thought family zone had fixed this and it goes into sleep mode?    I have turned on the consequences and he can still access his phone.   See attached how the consequences are set up. 

What is the point if my son can successful delete the APP?  Why can't family zone have a feature where they can't delete the APP without the parent putting in their pin number.

Am I missing something or wasting my money?

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Hi Renae,

Our system is designed that when Connect on Demand is toggled off, it pings back on shortly after.

Kids will certainly try to get around the controls, however we have tested out many of these types of scenarios and ensured that parents are notified of any usual activity.

Are you also receiving email notifications to notify you when your son is tampering with the app?


Hi Renae,

There are a number of reasons we have to allow the App to be removed. One scenario is that occasionally a parent will download the filtering on their phone by accident. If we do not allow for the App to be removed, that parent would permanently have filtering on their personal devices.

From looking at the account, your son is currently in Sleep mode due to an app violation. This is the expected result from removing the app. Could you please provide more detail into your experience, or call us on 1300 398 326? We will then be able to troubleshoot any issues in real-time.


Hi Roze, 

Thank you for your reply.  I have been told this several times before but it is not working like that.  In fact, today I found my daughters phone (13 yrs)  to be unprotected too, and it says on the portal that it is fully protected.  I have checked her device and the app is still on and says it is working as it should.  I have thought it was working ok for her for months now even though I gave up on FB for my older son (15 years) for the sake of protecting my younger kids.  The kids are getting around it somehow and there is no alert coming to me nor any sleep mode being activated.  I have booked a call from you for tomorrow to discuss this.

As for the red alerts, I will look to try and turn off notifications.  Our system has several devices that run through our wifi and it is confusing to not have them allocated to users in the house as it says unknown user otherwise to several devices.  I was advised to set up profiles for everything even though I have not installed the app on the parents phones.

I hope we can get this sorted soon.

I have had, and still have, the same non-working sleep function. My kids 12 and 14 can easily remove the app, and remove the VPN, and there are no consequences nor Sleep mode approved. What is interesting is that when I raised this with FZ some time ago they told me yes, that's the way it is. It took you lots of re-asking before Roze confirmed this 13 days ago. We also have given up on it for iPhones, but still use the wifi box at home to control laptops.

Hi Andrew,

If the Family Zone App isn't working as is stated above, then this is something we need to look further into for you.

We do have a variety of Contact Us methods that customers can utilize for more specific responses and troubleshooting. I highly recommend using these avenues to ensure your services are working appropriately.


Hi Kylie,

Our Support agents are onto it.

Hope your issue is resolved soon.


Thanks Roze, as you've already stated above it is easy for the kid as the iPhone user to delete the app and stop the VPN, and FZ can not enforce Sleep mode. Yes it does alert us but by then he's deleted app/VPN so little benefit. Anyhow, as per the other users have noted this is just the way the FZ product is and maybe until Apple allow deeper MDM control it can't enforce Sleep after a delete/removal.

Hi Ben,

The App can be removed with some intentional difficulty for the child, however parents are always notified as a result of this. If for any reason you have not been notified, please inform us immediately.

Sleep mode functions to turn off all internet at a designated time. This is also applied in a permanent state to all the childs devices when a violation has been detected. If your child has more than one device protected, the other devices will be effected as a result of this.

As for comprehensive ways to protect your child, under the Cyber Safety and Controls area, you will find Alerts and then Consequences. These are more severe punishments that parents can utilize if they detect violations with the service. This includes if they have a hazardous app on their device (such as a VPN thats not permitted by Family Zone) or if they App is tampered with.


Thanks Rose. So I got another notification today that my son has removed the mobile zone app again. He did this while he was at school. Should his iPad now have no internet access from both our home family zone network and the school wifi?

Hi Ben,

Yes. Your son should now be in 'sleep' as a result of the violation, which means so long as the App is installed on the iPad, would mean he has no internet access on his ipad both on the home network and on school wifi.


But apparently the app insn’t installed - The alert email says it was removed. It appears he doesn’t have internet access at home . But is that controlled by the family zone box, rather than the app? I’m confused by your statement that he will have no internet access at school “so long as the app is installed” as a consequence of removing the app.

Hi Ben, 

Apologies, from the previous conversation I was assuming he had the App installed on his phone and we were speaking about additional devices.

If he has only the one device (being the iPad), and that no longer has the app or management profile, that will no longer have any filtering or restrictions. That would mean he has unrestricted access.

Perhaps this discussion would be easier to have over the phone. Do you have a convenient time and day in which we can contact you? Please provide it through


Hi Andrew,

There are telltale signs to the parents that a device violation has occurred:

1) The email notification sent through to the parent on the initial discovery

2) Notification that the device has not been seen in 24 or more hours
3) Notification within Portal that the device is not filtering

4) No usage in the insights area (which you have already stated)

While we have these in place, its also recommended to have a discussion with your child as to why they are removing it. We encourage open communication to help understand the childs' reasons behind trying to circumvent filtering technology.


I too have found my daughters phone (14 yrs)  to be unprotected too, and it says on the portal that it is fully protected.  I have checked her device taken it on and put it back on and the app is still on and says it is working as it should but she has 24 hour access expect when we take the phone off her for sleep period at 9.30. The phone monitors her BGL's so we can't just confiscate it.  The phone does not ask for an activation key. Should it. Please help. Ric I am at home 938978860

I have had these issues for ages with my sons phone.  After several phone conversations with FZ it is still un resolved.  My sons phone has never gone to sleep mode and honestly it has caused more stress in this house than it was before.  I haven't bothered re installing it on his phone as he can get it off with no consequences at all.  I am only persisting with this system for the sake of my two younger daughters - however it will only work if they use it properly too.  The red alerts only come up to tell me when my 10 year old hasn't used her iPod for 24 hours - big deal, I jump for joy when she hasn't been on it.  Also, the red alerts are continuously on my and my husbands phone still after repeated requests to take it off.  Obviously I don't need restrictions on us but have to tell the system who is connected to it.  

Very frustrating and time consuming for not much protection.

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