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Violated Devices and Consequences not working

My son keeps deleting the family zone app and gaining access to his phone.     I thought family zone had fixed this and it goes into sleep mode?    I have turned on the consequences and he can still access his phone.   See attached how the consequences are set up. 

What is the point if my son can successful delete the APP?  Why can't family zone have a feature where they can't delete the APP without the parent putting in their pin number.

Am I missing something or wasting my money?

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Hi Renae,

There are a number of reasons we have to allow the App to be removed. One scenario is that occasionally a parent will download the filtering on their phone by accident. If we do not allow for the App to be removed, that parent would permanently have filtering on their personal devices.

From looking at the account, your son is currently in Sleep mode due to an app violation. This is the expected result from removing the app. Could you please provide more detail into your experience, or call us on 1300 398 326? We will then be able to troubleshoot any issues in real-time.


I have exactly the same issue. My son deleted the app and it has not gone into sleep mode. I am thinking this is a waste of money as I asked specifically about this as I had had this problem with the OurPact App and I was assured by customer service prior to purchase that this app was different.

Hi Moira,

Could you please specify which device you are referring to? There is an iPhone that has an alert next to it, but it has not been seen since the 4th of August. It would have gone into Sleep mode at the time, but it has now been two weeks since the event.

Please schedule a callback with our customer service team so we can troubleshoot your device.


Hi it is the iPhone with the alert next to it. My son went into the settings  profiles section and deleted the profile easily and it did not go to sleep at all just kept working, I called support and they said that was odd and would talk to the tech team and to reinstall. I did as instructed and the same thing happened again. 

I have just installed the box and worry that as soon as he unplugs it there will be no consequence or anything I can do. 

Hi Moira,

Could you please advise me when that occurred?

If he was to unplug the box but you have changed the modem wifi password, he will be without internet access.


Hi there,

I am still trying to get this to work.   I have installed the box not entirely sure what the box is for still however are you saying we should change our normal wifi password i.e. optus one in our case?

Also is it why can't the phone go on permanent sleep mode?   60 minutes is no help to me if my son disables his app at school and I am at work and can't sort out to the evening.   I would rather it goes on sleep mode until I can re-install the APP again?

Hi Renae,

The Box will cover unlimited devices at home. That includes phones, laptops, desktops, consoles, and more. We have the Family Zone App as well, but not all devices have the ability to download apps (another reason why the Box is useful).

If the App is removed or disabled, the devices are put into Sleep until its reinstated. You can review these settings under the Controls area in Cyber Safety.


Hi there,

My son has managed to disable your app again.   He goes into iphone settings, General, VPN and turns off Connect on Demand.  When he does this have gains access to everything again.

He is also telling me he is doing something else to disable the settings however will not obviously let me know this! 

This APP is not working my 14 year can get round your settings?

Is anyone else having these issues or am I the only one?

Hi Renae,

Our system is designed that when Connect on Demand is toggled off, it pings back on shortly after.

Kids will certainly try to get around the controls, however we have tested out many of these types of scenarios and ensured that parents are notified of any usual activity.

Are you also receiving email notifications to notify you when your son is tampering with the app?


I have had these issues for ages with my sons phone.  After several phone conversations with FZ it is still un resolved.  My sons phone has never gone to sleep mode and honestly it has caused more stress in this house than it was before.  I haven't bothered re installing it on his phone as he can get it off with no consequences at all.  I am only persisting with this system for the sake of my two younger daughters - however it will only work if they use it properly too.  The red alerts only come up to tell me when my 10 year old hasn't used her iPod for 24 hours - big deal, I jump for joy when she hasn't been on it.  Also, the red alerts are continuously on my and my husbands phone still after repeated requests to take it off.  Obviously I don't need restrictions on us but have to tell the system who is connected to it.  

Very frustrating and time consuming for not much protection.

Hi Kylie,

Just wanted to clear up a few things. When the Family Zone App is removed from a phone, it should go into Sleep if the MDM profile still exists on that device. If the App and the profile is removed, then the phone will not be put into Sleep as the filtering is removed. However, all other devices assigned to that user should still be put into Sleep as a result of the violation. Its also worth noting that if the App is reinstalled before the time it takes to put the device into Sleep, the device is redeemed and therefore no consequences will be applied.

Is this different to what you are experiencing? If so, could you please email us at and we will work towards a resolution with you.

Red Alerts are designed to notify parents when devices haven't been seen when they should have been. For many parents, this can be concerning as they would be expecting device usage when there hasn't been any. We understand this doesn't apply to all parents, which is why we have also given them the option to turn notifications off. If you don't wish to receive Red Alert notifications whatsoever, you can choose to switch them off through Cyber Safety > Controls > Send Notifications.

Lastly, filtering is not required for parents devices, so you don't need to be connected through the App or Box.

I hope this assists with your experience and if you have any further questions, please let us know.


Hi Roze, 

Thank you for your reply.  I have been told this several times before but it is not working like that.  In fact, today I found my daughters phone (13 yrs)  to be unprotected too, and it says on the portal that it is fully protected.  I have checked her device and the app is still on and says it is working as it should.  I have thought it was working ok for her for months now even though I gave up on FB for my older son (15 years) for the sake of protecting my younger kids.  The kids are getting around it somehow and there is no alert coming to me nor any sleep mode being activated.  I have booked a call from you for tomorrow to discuss this.

As for the red alerts, I will look to try and turn off notifications.  Our system has several devices that run through our wifi and it is confusing to not have them allocated to users in the house as it says unknown user otherwise to several devices.  I was advised to set up profiles for everything even though I have not installed the app on the parents phones.

I hope we can get this sorted soon.

Hi Kylie,

Our Support agents are onto it.

Hope your issue is resolved soon.


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