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Kids Youtube

Hi I have put the app on my Ipad. Kids Youtube is not working now, but yet the adult you tube still seems to work. I want kids youtube to work. I know how to stop acess to adult youtube.

Hi Hayley,

Kids YouTube comes under the same category as Adult YouTube, so the access should be the same.

To enable us to investigate into the issue further, could you please provide the following:

1. The user of the device
2. What device is experiencing these issues
3. What time and day they were unable to access it


Hi Joshua,

If you feel like your child's "Internet age" is older than his actual age you can manually move him to an older age bracket by clicking on his profile in Portal and selecting the Settings option. You can also deviate from the standard settings in his actual age bracket by toggling any of the controls in Portal > Cyber Safety or Zone Manager > Settings.


Katie B

you guys block almost everything that 12 year olds can watch and now my son is complaining daily and asking everyday to ask Family Zone to make the limits a little looser so can you help me?
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