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Applications don't close allowing continued access

My son has been found with app (Clash of Clans game) well past the time he should be using it. He indicates that if he leaves the app open and doesn't close it then he can continue playing it post time.......

If true how far does the contagion factor around this go,......if he continues to play playstation will it continue, Facebook? Or are these different. There is a fair bit of emotion in our house over this issue so to find he can play the app game post time has brought a lot of feeling back into the situation.

Can you let us know how if and how far problem may exist, what we can do, etc etc It is almost a deal breaker for me.....

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Hi Rowan,

Thank you for raising your concerns with us. We certainly want our services to work in such a way that brings harmony and peace of mind to your household.

It all depends on the way that particular apps or websites connect to the internet. For example, a large majority of apps have only a few points they connect to and therefore are easy to block. A couple connect to a large array of points and are more difficult to filter.

Facebook and Instagram for example are blocked easily through our Social Networks.

Are you able to specify which device in your Portal is the one that is playing Clash of Clans? I'll be able to check our logs to see if there is something out of the ordinary happening.


Hi FZ I have the exact same problems. My son plays Clash Royale and as long as he starts a session during Play time, the change to Sleep does not stop it. Moreover the same appears to happen from YouTube - if he starts a long video and then sleep time arrives, it keeps going. Sleep time should be a total stop of all traffic - not just new requests - it should stop all streams. Please advise how you are going to make Sleep time a proper stop

Hi Andrew,

Depending on how a certain app or website connect to the internet will determine whether its a complete stop or if the connection continues to work until a new query is put through.

The first step towards ensuring the filtering is working appropriately, is we need your WiFi networks enabled to allow for the filtering. Currently, they are disabled and therefore won't filter the devices.

As you are managing many devices on the account, I would highly recommend speaking with our support experts by booking a callback through our Contact Us area.


I have this issue and my teens generally continue using snapchat but it doesn't appear to be isolated to snapchat. It appears it could be any internet connected app.



Hi Troy

We are aware of this issue and are working on a solution. Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA to give you, but it is a high priority. It will depend on how the application handles server requests and open sessions.



Roblox too

Hi Andrew,

We are working on a fix for this issue but don't have an estimated time of delivery yet. Thanks for your patience.


Katie B

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