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Hi I have recently installed family zone app on my daughters I pod 5 and when she is on the internet it is very very slow to load pics and connect. Is there a reason for this as she is very frustrated and is now making the whole process more difficult than before I installed this Any help appreciated Thanks Fiona

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Hi Fiona,

The Family Zone Box or App should not slow down the speed of the internet. Are you having the same problem on other devices as well?

It would be best to troubleshoot this one in real-time to make sure we identify the issue correctly. Do you have a convenient time and day we can call you?

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


i am having the same problems on my children's iphones. the VPN slows everything down, especially posting and viewing in Instagram, Safari, googles maps, and even text messages show as 'unable to send'. This is all in Play mode when everything is accessible.

Hi Penelope,

When it comes to VPN, we need to troubleshoot the device in real-time to identify the issue.

If you are experiencing issues with VPN connectivity, please set a callback with our support team to troubleshoot your issue over the phone.


I would be interested to know what the solution was in regards to this question. Daughter  using Ipad and complaining that the internet pages are not loading. This is intermittent. She will be happily using the internet then will go to follow a link or open a tab and look for something else and the page won't load.  She does not get a blocked message. Frustrating her heaps and causing major us major headaches! The Ipad is a 6 years old. Could this be the reason?

Hi Ian,

Do you know what type of pages they are? Are they http or https? Are you connecting through the Family Zone Box or Mobile Zone App?

There's a few things we can recommend;

- Ensuring your firmware version on the device is up to date

- If this is on the box, testing to see if the guest network has the same result


Both my children are complaining that Familyzone has slowed their phone down - this includes internet browsing

I have the same problem with my four iPads. Everything is very slow when they are connected to family zone and even the wifi won’t show up on their iPads when they are upstairs. Without the VPN the wifi can reach upstairs???

Hi guys,

Please check your Family Zone Portal or Zone manager app. Make sure the advertising category is unblocked for your child's age bracket.

Often websites will load slowly if advertising is blocked.

From the Portal, select Cyber safety - Controls - Age bracket from drop down and categories from the top.

The select advertising to unblock during Play and other relevant periods

Internet is unusable while going through family box! It makes everyone in the house so frustrated that we end up switching back to our old network just so that we can get something done, completely defeating the purpose of it. Both our usual network and family box show up as options to connect to, but family box will have 1 bar of service whilst our normal network has 4. It either won’t connect at all, or connects but takes so long that everything times out

Hi Rachelle,

I am terribly sorry to hear about this.
It would be best if we could perform some live troubleshooting with you over the phone. I would recommend scheduling a call back with us which can be done by logging into portal > Support > Request a call back.

Alternatively, you can ring us on 1300 398 326.

If you have any further questions or queries, please don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,


I have the same problem. In fact I have two children with instagram available during play and one works on theirs and one doesn't even though it is allowed for both. The children don't mind having the filtering but the issues it creates with Insta and Snapchat as well as the general slow internet.  Really good ideas in this product but the glitches actually cause more stress in the house.  This needs to be fixed for it to be a product that works for teens.

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Hi Lisa,

I believe this issue has been dealt with in a ticket with our CSRs. If this isn't the case, please let us know and we'll open a new ticket for you.


Katie B

My kids are experiencing ‘lagging’during gaming on PS4 since moving to FZ WiFi Box. Can this be fixed? Thank you

Hi Kingsley,

We can certainly look into this for you as no lagging should occur when you are on the latest firmware which you are. I will move this to a ticket so we can communicate better with you on this issue.


Katie B

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