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Hi I have recently installed family zone app on my daughters I pod 5 and when she is on the internet it is very very slow to load pics and connect. Is there a reason for this as she is very frustrated and is now making the whole process more difficult than before I installed this Any help appreciated Thanks Fiona

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First night last night of FZ on two teenagers laptops. Not a happy house. Lagging spotify, slow loading of internet pages. 

Completed a search here and see that I need to make sure the advertising settings are 'on' so that it should not effect streaming and internet speeds. Not a good start. Anything else I can check please. 

Hi Craig,

Are you still having issues with the speed of the Home Zone box? I can see you have a more recent ticket with us.

If you are still having issues, please let us know. Else, if you'd like us to assist over the phone, you can schedule a call back here at the bottom of the page:


David B

Hi, have FZ connected to our Telstra Cable router via lab cable . Speed test of a wireless device thru FZ box gives 58mb/s. Swap to the connection Telstra router and get speeds of 100mbs + Any way to stop the slow down of traffic? Screenshots of results attached

Hi Tony,

To troubleshoot this issue it may best to do so live over the phone. Could you book at a call back with us so that we can troubleshoot the speed issues?

You can do so by clicking this link and selecting the schedule a call option:


David B

I have 100/40 FTTC at home and my iPhone 7 gets 93/36 speeds. My sons new iPhone 8 could get the same until the fz app was installed. Now it’s around 5mbps down and 10mbps up? It seems the VPN the bottleneck here?

Hi Tim,

If you could please give us a call on 1300 398 326 when you have the iPhone on hand. 

We can do some live troubleshooting to determine if there is an issue

Our internet has ground to a halt since installing the Family Zone box. All devices are set to the suggested age-appropriate settings. Need help troubleshooting this please!

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