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sleep mode


I've just installed this and my kids are only allowed on their devices from Friday after school till Sunday evening during term time. They aren't allowed on at night on the weekend and I restrict times as well during the weekend. How can I set it to sleep so no online access at these times??? I'm a bit confused on how to set up the routine part of it??

Thanks Fiona

Hi Fiona,

Generally speaking, School days run Mon-Fri and Relax days are Sat-Sun. Logging into the Family Zone account, under each child you will find their Calendar section where you can change the day types. Each day type has its own set Routine, which you can find next to Calendars. You can edit the existing routine within here by clicking the spanner next to the day type and choosing what hours you would like covered.

There are four access periods: School, Study, Play and Sleep. To understand what is allowed or blocked during these access times, go to Cyber Safety and then Controls. The categories and social networks area is what filters the website or apps from being blocked or allowed during these times.

Hope this helps.


I have just setup daughters laptop with the laptop Windows version following the exact steps stated so that she is covered when away from our house. We are still waiting for our box. I have been able to see the insights report and it is saying it is blocking where it should be and that it is in sleep mode when it should be. However, it is not locking out internet in sleep mode and I doubt it is actually applying the routines. I have customised her cyber security settings. I have waited and tested her laptop and get straight onto the web with seemingly full freedom in sleep mode. I have the Family Zone icon and it indicates sleep mode on her laptop. I don't know how to check what settings are doing on her laptop. 

Hi Craig,

We would have to do some live troubleshooting to see what the issue might be for this device. Can you please use the Support section of your Portal to Schedule a Callback with our support team who will talk you through the issue? You will need to have the device with you during the call to troubleshoot it.


Katie B

My son has the laptop and mobile phone.  How can I set the routines to be separate from each other?  Eg phone off at 8pm and laptop 10pm for example?


Hi Maryanne,

You can do this by creating a separate profile for one one of the devices, and then assign that device to the newly created profile.

For example, if you create a Laptop profile, you can set the routine of this laptop to be different then your son's normal routine.


David B

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