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Cyber safety controls not updating

Hi I have noticed that when my son aged up it didn't automatically adjust his settings to the next age level ( and yes I have selected auto age up ) I had to do manually. Also Face book and Instagram are now ok for his age group but it still says they are unsafe apps on his device. A bit disappointed about this, makes me doubt the integrity of the app - if it can alert about something that is safe maybe it will not alert when something is actually unsafe.
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Hi Maria,

Apologies that you had to manually adjust the age profile. This is an option we changed recently and will be fixed soon.

Facebook and Instagram would be marked unsafe due to the behaviours and risks that are found within these apps. It is the recommendation provided by our Cyber Experts who are experts in the field of Cyber Safety.

We do provide recommended apps as well which will be marked green and tested to ensure they are safe for all ages groups.


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