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Android App Permissions?

On this page: under the Android section it says I need to;

Select: Usage Access > Family Zone > Permit usage access 

What does that even mean?  The Family Zone app is saying I haven't finished the permissions, by showing a red alert message saying "Please Fix Permissions".  When I click this it says "Usage Access - Required for Play Store restriction to work".  When I click this, it just takes me into the tablet's settings screen under Connections.  I have no idea what to do next to fix this permission issue?

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Hi Justin,

Upon activating the Family Zone App, it would have asked for a number of permissions to be granted.

It sounds like you have a few custom settings on your Android device. To ensure they're set appropriately, I suggest scheduling a callback with our customer service team through this link. Please specify your issue in the comments section, and we will be able to identify the problem quicker to save you time.


Yes I have had the same problem, I will try and phone up in the meantime I will have to delete the app from the device as it doesn't work,


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