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Sleep Mode to 'Hide' offline apps

Hi; While FZ controls online access really well, there are times when you want to just ensure the whole device is effectively closed down, i.e. they can't play offline games (apps that don't require wifi) either. There are tools on the market that do this well (ALL app icons disappear off the device in Sleep or Block mode). Without this feature, unfortunately Sleep mode still allows them to play on their device, just not be online - it would be a great enhancement and make FZ the ultimate parental control product on the market. What do you think??     

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Hi Darrell,

Thanks for the feedback. What an excellent suggestion!

We currently have many projects dealing with online-based content, but recognize that offline content is very important too.

I've put your suggestion forward to our developers and hopefully they will implement something to assist with this soon.


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Voicing the opinion stated above, I have just installed Family Zone after a sales pitch guised as a Cyber Safety talk session at our school. I am very disappointed that the product does not lock down devices according to schedules or in lieu of this offer a daily limits function. Only locking down online access was not communicated at the presentation,  there are many products in the same price range that offer lockdown or time limits. Can our subscription be put on hold until a decision and timeframe regarding implementing these features is committed to?

Hi Danielle,

Our age appropriate profiles offer routines where different access periods are available. The four time periods are Sleep, Study, School and Play, where different levels of access is available. For example, Sleep has no internet access available whatsoever, whereas Play has more access to games and social media. As you have subscribed to ySafe's recommended settings, these are set for times they believe are appropriate for these age groups. You are still able to change these under Routines if you wish.

Some services may offer a 'lock down', however this would only cover one device. The difference with our product is we provide an 'ecosystem approach', where there is coverage at home, at school and on the go.


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