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FamilyZone box LAN ports - filtered?

Can anyone confirm my understanding per below?

Customer has WAPs connected to LAN ports on existing gateway. WAPs (Unifi) provide multiple wireless networks, with access time restrictions for "kids wifi". They need / want to continue to use the WAPs for house coverage and access restrictions - even if house coverage was not an issue, FZ does not provide wifi access time restrictions afaik.

From the FZ description...

"Connect all devices your kids use through your Family Zone Box (via LAN port or WiFi) to impose routines and internet access restrictions at home."

From this, I assume the LAN ports on the FamilyZone are filtered (ie. same as familyzone wifi), so I intend to simply disconnect the WAPs from the existing gateway LAN ports and connect them to the FZ LAN ports - this should then provide both the Unifi wifi access time restrictions and the FamilyZone content and app/time restrictions. The wifi networks on the FZ box would then not be required, unless the adults wish to use the Unfiltered wifi. 



PS. posting in the "problem" category only because there is no "question" category :)

Hi Peter

You are correct, all the Lan ports on the Family Zone Box are filtered.

The Family Zone Box is compatible with Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and WiFi Extenders. Just connect them to the Lan ports on the Family Zone Box or connect extenders to the Family WiFi network and all devices that are connected to the extenders/WAPs will be filtered. Please ensure your Family Zone Box is updated to firmware version 1.5.1-1 or above. 

There are two things to be aware of when connecting WAP to the Family Zone Box. After connecting a WAP to the Family Zone Box, all devices that are connected to the WAP will all show up as "New Devices Connected" To-Dos in Portal, so you need to browse to to register those devices. The other consideration is that the WAP will become a safe network so remember to manually add it by logging into Portal and going to Cyber Safety > Settings > Safe Networks > Add Manually

Family Zone Support

A further gotcha and tip for setting up FZ in a WAP environment....

When home devices connect to the internet via Wireless Access Points, and the FZ Box's firmware has yet to be updated (assuming it may have been lying around for a while), then connecting the FZ Box between the existing modem/router and the WAP(s) will kill wifi access to the internet in my experience. The solution is to connect your device (from where you are running the FZ setup session) to the FZ Box directly using ethernet cable - for installers, ideally bring your own laptop and cable for this as it may not be convenient to connect a customer's device directly to the FZ Box. Once the FZ Box is configured and has it's firmware updated, then you should be able to access the internet via the WAP(s) wifi again. 

Regards, Peter.

Hi Peter

Thanks for that information, I will be sure to inform the team about it. 



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